• Old building will save money
    February 07,2013
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    Even former residents sympathize now with the voters of Castleton. Although a majority of Castleton taxpayers voted in November to give the Select Board the legal authority to spend $990,000 to thoroughly renovate the existing town office building, the Select Board wants to ignore that and is asking, on Town Meeting Day, for $1.05 million to buy land and construct a new building of the same size for the same purpose.

    There are many good and practical reasons for voters to defeat the flawed “new construction” proposal, such as: 1) saving half of the taxpayers’ cost by using the large foundation grants that are only available for historic building work, 2) maintaining the vitality of the village, and 3) the fact that interior renovation of the sturdy town offices building will take less time than building new — and that will end wasteful “Trailer-gate” that much sooner.

    Let’s hope that Castleton citizens are successful in defeating this ill-conceived and very costly and wasteful ballot item. If so, the Select Board will finally see the voters mandate for renovating the interior of the town office building, which is the wisest use of the already available funds.


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