• Turnip for state vegetable
    February 04,2013
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    The notion that kale should be selected as Vermont’s state vegetable concerns me. Our legislators’ valuable time need not be spent in debating and voting upon S.64 – “An Act Relating to Designating Kale As The State Vegetable.” Instead, the choice of our state vegetable is clear — select one of Vermont’s heirloom vegetables which has been part of our heritage for generations.

    Our most famous heirloom vegetable, and the most likely candidate, is the Gilfeather Turnip, developed in Wardsboro in the late-1800s. It is celebrated by the townspeople of Wardsboro at their annual turnip festival. No other Vermont vegetable enjoys this type of fame or celebrity.

    To learn all about the Gilfeather Turnip, go to www.youtube.com and search for “The Gilfeather Turnip: Rooted in Wardsboro.” The video is filled with fascinating Vermont characters and will convince you that the Gilfeather Turnip is the logical choice.


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