• Unions not for everyone
    February 04,2013
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    @$ID/NormalParagraphStyle:In Vermont, our teachers, our school administrators and our municipal employees do not have to join a union if they so choose. There are many of these workers who have decided that they didn’t need to join a union. On Feb. 1, our esteemed Vermont Senate passed a bill that will require all of these people to join a union.

    Presently, people who are not in a union, still have their pay and working conditions negotiated by their unions. This bill also requires them to pay 85 percent of what union members pay in dues whether they want a union or not.

    There were 29 senators out of 30 present for this vote. The vote score of this bill was 26-3. The three Windsor County senators voted for this legislation. Did freedom of our own lives and workplace get discussed? I doubt it. This is all politics and about re-election. Follow the performance of our senators this year. The majority in both the House and Senate can pass anything they want.


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