• Seeking seat on Select Board
    January 29,2013
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    I want to offer my personal thank-you to Jim Hall, who recently announced that he was “retiring” from his service to Rutland Town as a selectman, in fact, our “senior” member of the board.

    Although we are much alike in our conservative political views, we did differ on the fire station issue, and I certainly wish that he had found a more frugal solution to that problem. Be that as it may, Jim has served the town of Rutland well and deserves our heartfelt thanks.

    Because of this vacancy, and the closeness of the last March election, I am asking you, voters in Rutland Town, once again for your support that I may have the privilege of representing you on our Select Board. I promise you no more, nor less, than the same dedication I brought to my previous 30 years of service to our town and ask that you allow my business, education, and governmental experience to work for you to make Rutland Town an even more affordable community in which to live, work, and raise our children. And I thank you.


    Rutland Town
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