• Put brakes on political chaos
    January 28,2013
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    Put brakes on political chaos

    I listened with a sense of awe to President Obama as he spoke his inaugural words which moved me, at times, to tears. This president invoked another great president, Lincoln, using some of the same words and ideas that we remember with such deep respect.

    President Obama is nothing if not faithful in the face of insincere politicians and a culture that follows the leaders of these bad boy, self-serving, ‘‘I’m not working with you and I don’t really care what happens in our country’’ types. This is a 13-year-old mentality composing this lot of so-called adult lawmakers. Shame on you.

    What are we thinking leaving them in Washington to do more damage to our already devastated governmental landscape and ruined economy? And where are the seasoned, adult lawmakers who can and will put the brakes on this headlong rush toward more and more irresponsible chaos?

    Last week, 300 Vermont citizens met in Montpelier on the opening day of legislature and peacefully made our presence known with the express desire to help shape the direction of our state government in the coming months and years. This group, gathered under the idea and the name of “Put People First,” has grown over the last few years into a large contingent of homemakers, business people, college-aged students, childcare workers and health care advocates who share a dream — a dream in which we, the people, come together to give to ourselves and each other the security and hope of a government underscored by concern for its citizens and a desire for justice for all.

    The idealism of truth cannot and need not be fought against. I, for one, want to work with President Barack Obama toward a healthier, happier nation.


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