• Endorsing Allaire for mayor
    January 24,2013
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    Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. said, “Leadership is a public transaction with history.” The philosopher William James said, “Leadership means leadership in though as well as action.

    I write today to endorse the candidacy of David Allaire for mayor. Leadership is a natural attribute of David, and his understanding of municipal matters is impressive. We need someone who can lead this city into an era of change and betterment. Rutland is in line to become a “greener” city, and David is just the person to spearhead this direction.

    David has a way of making each individual feel as if whatever they say or think is important. His love of community is evident, and he is a great neighbor. I encourage all to support David and remind those who are eligible to register to vote and exercise this right in March. One man can make a difference, and now is the time to head in the direction of bettering our community and this city we love.


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