• Firearm danger is long-lasting
    January 23,2013
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    While 0.08 percent of Vermonters (a toe of our body politic) were asserting their right on Gun Appreciation Day to possess them, half a dozen of their brethren were busy getting wounded at gun shows around the nation by weapons the owners were trying to sell.

    Because of their nature, guns demand a higher level of responsibility from owners. Itís bad enough if I were to give a butcher knife to a 2-year-old or my car keys to a 12-year-old; society would vilify me for being an idiot. How much worse is it for anyone to release to another party a tool that is meant to kill? But we do not consider the act of letting go of a gun to be dangerous ó it is perfectly all right for the purchaser to lose it, leave it unsecured, lend it, sell it, pawn it, give it away. And in over 80 percent of all gun murders, that gun eventually arrives in unworthy hands, and somebody dies.

    It is fitting that society demand of gun buyers that they be responsible for their weapon for its entire life ó the price we pay when they let go of them is too high. Rather than let it ever pass into unworthy hands, they should prove they are responsible gun owners by destroying it.


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