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    January 22,2013
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    The 2012 Vermonter of the Year award should go to J. Fred Muggs, that brilliant and socially conscience individual who has contributed so much to our state and country. J. Fred has spoken with all of our illustrious Vermont legislators and given them a fresh agenda and organized their calenders.

    They love J. Fred in Montpeculiar! Who organized the Tea Party movement in the Republican House of Representatives, who thought of the wonderful “drug sweep,” in Bennington, who planned and pulled off the Occupy Wall Street protests, who gives Rush Limbaugh all of his ideas on how much he hates Democrats, who talked Hillary Rodham Clinton into becoming secretary of state and last but not least, who starred with Tarzan in his movies? J. Fred Muggs, that’s who!

    J. Fred Muggs for Vermonter of the Year!


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