• Take action now on global warming
    January 16,2013
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    It seems that almost every day there is at least one article about global warming. This week there were two alarming articles in one day ó one saying that 2012 was the warmest year on record in the lower 48 states and the other that the hottest day on record in Australia is hampering fighting the scores of wild fires and they are facing one of the worst fire danger days on record.

    Last year it seemed as if half our country was burning up with fires, and I suppose that will happen again this year. More and more people are aware of global warming, but how many of us are making the sacrifices and changes that we need to make? These are changes that should have started a long time ago, and if we donít do it starting today, our children will not have a future. Global warming is progressing faster and more severely than scientists thought so every single decision we make should be influenced by thoughts for the health of our poor planet and the future for our children.


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