• Gross conflict of interest
    January 15,2013
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    It has just come to my attention that, according to the www.thevermontstandard.com, “Karen Marshall, chief of Gov. Shumlin’s Connect Vermont entity and self-described master facilitator, has accepted a job with VTel Data Network.”

    This involves state monies that go to broadband expansion in rural areas of the state. This appears as a gross conflict of interest. I mean gross. I believe that another telecommunication company, FairPoint Communications, wanted the opportunity to expand broadband in the state. FairPoint is a larger company but yet was completely denied access. VTel is also hiring outside the state of Vermont to supply the manpower to do this. This is not a good business practice.

    But the real outrageous, egregious thing, is that the person with the state’s influence is now being paid by this same company that she picked to do the job. Are you kidding me? How can this be so? (Even in Vermont we have payback? What the heck.)

    We should all let them know this should not be tolerated. Since when did working for government mean you could parlay it into a big paying position that you maneuvered by influencing that same government? Outrageous and not to be tolerated. Vermont does not equal payola. Period.


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