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    January 15,2013
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    A growing number of communities are having the discussion on whether to ban marijuana dispensaries. Rutland City is one community that will ban them. According to news reports, Rutland City police chief said such dispensaries had become crime magnets in other states.

    At a recent Rutland Town Select Board meeting, Selectman John Paul Faignant led the discussion not to ban clinics in Rutland Town, with the rest of the board following his lead.

    This is interesting, as Mr. Faignant was a former police officer in the town, and marijuana clinics are in violation of federal law. Along with the legal issues, the drug may hurt more than help, according to Mayo Clinic Health Library. The drug poses health risks, including impairment of thinking, memory, balance, coordination and increased risks of heart attacks, as well as heightened risk of chronic cough, respiratory infections, hallucinations and lung cancer. This feel-good drug is not so good after all.

    Next, Rutland Town may see a methadone clinic proposed for the town. This could lead to more problems. Would the board like these drug dispensaries in their neighborhood? How about a ballot item giving town residents not happy with the board’s decision a say on the matter?


    Rutland Town
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