• Chris Porter-Beckley
    December 08,2012
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    I recently took two shopping trips to the Rutland area, and would like to talk about the recklessness and the lack of common sense of both drivers and pedestrians, as well as a safety issue within the confines of these shopping center parking lots.

    The speed at which drivers are traveling in these parking lots is ridiculous. They speed through the parking lots when people are trying to back up, or pedestrians are trying to cross the parking lot to get into the store safely. It seems that we take our lives into our hands when we need to go shopping.

    One of the parking lots that I speak of has security guards that are unable to do anything about the violations that they are witness to. The Mayor has taken away their ability to write tickets for three-hour parking violations in this lot. Maybe the Mayor should add some responsibility to their duties, which could include writing tickets for violations like speeding, reckless driving, illegal parking, jay walking, loitering, etc.

    You could add incentives to these security personnel by offering them a portion of the fines from the tickets that they write, and are collected.

    The ignorance in which pedestrians conduct themselves in these parking lots is equally problematic. Some pedestrians will just walk out in front of traffic or will walk in back of vehicles while they are backing up, without considering that they may not be seen by the driver in the evening or during stormy weather.

    The lack of lighting in these parking lots throughout the city is an issue that needs to be addressed. The lack of lighting in these areas makes it very difficult for drivers and pedestrians to be able to be seen in the evening and during stormy weather. It seems that it would be in the best interest of the city, the Mayor, and the owner of these parking lots to provide a much safer environment for the consumers visiting their businesses.


    East Dorset
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