• No end in sight
    December 07,2012
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    Mr. Carter is free to use any terminology he so chooses, and he has done that (Herald letter, 12-4-12).

    In spite of his attempts to minimize Republican election results, the facts are the facts, and thusly Republicans gained a governorís seat (29 to 30), not bad when they had well over half to start with. Also, the Repubs have a majority of the nationís state legislative seats, in fact, the largest majority since 1928.

    If Mr. Carter believes Obama has an overwhelming mandate with 50.94 percent of the popular vote, again he is free to attempt to make that case. It was the electoral vote that had a wider gap, which leads this writer to the question: where is the call for doing away with the electoral vote approach, which we heard loud and clear all the way from the 2000 election to just recently? Ah, there is no possibility of wanting it both ways, now, is there?

    Mr. Carter denies the Socialist trends that are staring us in the face. Here again the facts are the facts.

    1. General Motors is 32 percent owned by the U.S. Government. This ownership will likely not be reversed because the stock would need to double in value, and that is not in the cards.

    2. The takers of government assistance are outnumbering the producers.

    3. The take-over of the health insurance industry; now that is certainly not a socialist concept, NO, NO, NO.

    Higher taxes, with no eye to control spending will lead to more of it, redistribution, more taxes, (no end in sight).

    All the incentives to go out there and work hard and hope at the end of it all there are two nickels left to rub together.


    Center Rutland
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