• Full reckoning of our history
    December 05,2012
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    In response to Virginia Duffy’s letter published by the Rutland Herald on Nov. 27:

    Yes, Virginia, there is an American Dream invented by the patriots you and I admire. It just isn’t the one that you believe all Americans should dream.

    It turns out that we share some of the same heroes. I believe you are correct honoring those who fought in our wars, both foreign and domestic. I do believe that there are other patriots you should consider honoring, Martin Luther King, for instance. His battle was not, as you suggest, for handouts, it was for the opportunity to participate in the American Dream you and I so cherish.

    We agree on many other things, for instance that communism was at best a silly theory that turned into a horrible experiment in Eastern Europe. We believe that quotes like “Give me liberty or give me death” still mean something and suggest humbly you add “I have a dream” to the list of inspiring American sayings you would quote. I think you are on to something suggesting students today are unaware of their own history. We are all a little historically deficient though. We may have a passing knowledge of Gettysburg or Iwo Jima, but who among us can relate the battles of the labor movement? It can be argued that the heroes of those battles gave us a freedom no one dared dream before. We as patriots owe the students an education that teaches both the glory and the blemishes that are part of the American Dream.

    Yes, Virginia, by now yo may have guessed that I am a liberal American. I am proud of the fact we share some of the same heroes and offer you more to consider. I am also aware we disagree on more issues than we agree on. That too makes us Americans and is why we had this just past election. We will have more of them, God willing and the creek doesn’t rise. I suspect from your letter you were dissatisfied with the results and encourage you to try again the next time.

    Yes, Virginia, the country elected a black Hawaiian for the next four years. Chin up. I made it through Reagan and the Bushes. Our America will survive this, too.


    Fair Haven
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