• Thanks to PETA, VINE for trying
    November 23,2012
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    Again, I must respond to the letters to the editor concerning the oxen at GMC. I am amazed at the virulent outpouring from Vermonters at PETA, VINE and others like myself that believe that the oxen should have been given amnesty and let live out their days at a sanctuary at no cost to GMC. I am sad that things have turned out the way they have. But I thank VINE and PETA for trying. They have good hearts and souls and really care about animal welfare.

    I was watching the news last night and as I went from channel to channel, I paused at FOX News making fun of a movement to encourage folks at Thanksgiving not to eat Turkey, but substitute an alternative non-meat entree. They were making fun of this idea and denigrating those who issued this suggestion. Reading today’s paper’s letters and all quotes of those in support of GMC sounded familiar. Congratulations, you and your viewpoints are the FOX News of Vermont.


    Bellows Falls
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