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    November 23,2012
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    It is probably to my benefit that I am not one to daily peruse the paper from front to back or I would undoubtedly have canceled our subscription long ago.

    I make a point of never reading any of its opinion-based articles, but I do like to read the Saturday special section which asks a question of the person on the street. What caught my attention the Saturday before the election, and sparked the need for this letter, was one of the responses which I thought was totally inappropriate for print.

    While a person can damn whatever they want, I take exception when they use the name of my God and Father to do it. As a Christian, I find this offensive and for the Herald to actually print it is doubly offensive. If this person had used the name of A**** to damn something, he or she might possibly have found themselves hung by the thumbs and the Herald building a smoking pile of rubble. You canít tell me that the reporter couldnít have blipped out some of the letters; or did he think that just because God wasnít capitalized, it wouldnít make a difference. Iíve seen other ďoffensiveĒ words blipped out or asterisks used in an attempt to lessen the offense. Why wasnít this done?

    Have the names of God and Jesus Christ become so trivialized that they are used only as curse words by people who have no respect for a faith that is supposed to be protected by the First Amendment? They are undoubtedly ignorant of the power thatís behind the curse. I realize that the Herald leans heavily to the left and is notoriously liberal, so I guess I should not expect any of its reporters to be considerate of a minority, conservative, Christian readership or, indeed, expect any kind of apology.

    Finally, to say that the presidential chair is damned by God is a horrible prospect; but if this country continues on the path itís chosen, it may well be so.


    West Rutland
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