• Must be 100 percent safe
    November 22,2012
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    How can anyone make an argument for continuing operations of Vermont Yankee based on “because it’s good for the economy,” and “it saves hundreds of jobs?” Jobs that ultimately could mean lethal health and environmental hazards are not worth creating or saving. “Jobs” is the most specious of arguments. An operating permit should be granted only if we are 100 percent convinced that neither of those hazards would be present over time.

    Vermont Yankee’s management has already clearly shown Vermonters that its continued operation presents potentially catastrophic dangers. All jobs are not equal; those that support such potential danger are not worth keeping.

    I urge folks to read “Full Body Burden — Growing up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats” by Kristen Iversen. Vermont should not be subjecting its citizens and our neighbors across New England to an environment even minutely similar to that of Rocky Flats in Colorado.


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