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    November 22,2012
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    Annually, Currier Memorial School has a Veterans Day community lunch celebration to honor and thank the veterans of Danby and Mount Tabor. This year the event occurred on Nov. 14, and Currier dedicated the celebration to George Stone, longtime friend and supporter of the school.

    The following was said at the dedication:

    What are the qualities of a solid community member? In my eyes, it is someone who uses their skills and talents to contribute to the betterment of their community. George Stone, who passed away recently, did this for his Danby community, and especially for the Currier Memorial School. Annually for all of my 10 years as the principal of Currier, George would show up at my door step, representing the Masons, to give me a check for the “food service program” and another contribution for the “student fund.” Both of these funds have supported numerous students and families over the years.

    The food service fund supports families and students who need a little extra help so their children can participate in any of our programs and keep the student’s belly full. Sometimes the fund is used to help a family who is experiencing financial difficulties or to support a student to receive milk with their morning snack. Students who are provided with healthy options for nutrition are more available for learning. This fund has helped a great deal.

    Funds to support a student on their 6th grade graduation trip, field trips, and homework planners are all examples of the “student fund”. George and the Masons were interested in the true meaning of No Child Left Behind. They wanted to make sure all children had access to equal opportunities.

    George was a frequent visitor to Currier. He would regale me with tales and narratives as he always had wonderful stories to share about his life and many years’ service to his country in the armed forces. Before I knew it, the morning or afternoon had slipped away, but I was always glad, as he always made me laugh. He was an entertaining man.

    George should be honored as a community member, a veteran and a wonderful supporter of the Currier Memorial School. Though the Masons plan to continue to support Currier with an annual check, I will miss George as the carrier of the wonderful gift and his stories.


    (Principal, Currier Memorial School)

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