• Reason Obama won reelection
    November 20,2012
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    I read the letter from Gilbert Nadeau regarding the outcome of the election and I feel obliged to call him on some facts which he quotes as the reason President Obama won reelection.

    First of all, our president was reelected by not only the majority of the voters, but received the majority of the electoral votes. The majority of Americans surveyed at the polls said they are mostly concerned about the economy, but they did not say they are against excessive government, regulations or taxes. In fact, most Americans believe that taxes should be increased, particularly for the wealthy.

    My husband and I are not in any of the groups Mr. Nadeau singled out as voting for President Obama. We are grateful to have been financially blessed in our lives, and we are proud that we and our country have reelected President Obama, not based on his color but on his intelligence, values and leadership. We love the fact that he is concerned about the plight of all Americans and their needs, as opposed to the Republicans, who only care about not raising their taxes. It was frightening to listen to the Romney/Ryan platform of cutting spending on education, social services, environmental issues, etc. They also planned cutting funding for agencies which provide family planning to those needier families. That is like cutting off your nose to spite your face ó donít fund social services which help family planning, but complain about the poor who have children because they donít have access to family planning.

    We have many friends from all spectrums of life who voted as we did, because we are tired of Democrats being blamed for the situation we are in. President Obama inherited a mess created by the Bush years of two unfunded wars and tax cuts for the wealthy. At every turn, the Republicans made it very clear that they would not let the President have his way on anything. Luckily, he prevailed in a few cases, including the rescue of the auto industry and the health care plan which was upheld by the Supreme Court.

    The fact that the stock market fell the day after the elections is nothing new. It happens often, just as anything else that happens in the country affects the market from one day to the next. Itís interesting to note that since President Obama has been in office, the market has grown considerably and continues to grow.

    Mr. Nadeau, I suggest you take another look at your statistics. The people have spoken in a resounding manner, and we are proud to count ourselves in the majority.


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