• ‘Public servant’ loosely defined
    November 19,2012
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    There is so much that needs to be changed with our political system that it truly boggles the mind when a person stops to think about it. Perhaps that’s why most people don’t. Sadly, not paying attention doesn’t solve the problem either.

    The media, if anyone has been paying attention, looks more and more like it has been bought and paid for by one side or the other, vying for the hearts and minds of the American electorate.

    Lately, the media, both print and electronic, have been subtle in promoting the term public servant to describe those in power. Perhaps it’s to give them more legitimacy. But it should be clearly understood that these men and women are not public servants; they are well-paid, entrenched individuals, many who have spent their lives amassing small fortunes serving in Washington in one capacity or another.

    Referring to them as public servants insults and demeans so many, who in real, public service, risk their lives or spend hours ensuring their towns run smoothly or work to see that those in need have food, clothing and shelter. These are men and women who volunteer countless hours of their time for no money.

    To say that men and women like John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, Patrick Leahy, Bernie Sanders and thousands of others, who are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, not including their benefits, are public servants, demeans those who really are and puts credit where it does not belong.


    Fair Haven
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