• 47 percent had its day
    November 10,2012
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    The Rutland Herald’s conclusion that the election of Obama shows the nation is unwilling to embrace anti-government, anti-tax programs is untrue. In fact, the polling data shows the majority of Americans agree with the need to reign in excessive government, excessive regulations and excessive taxes.

    The truth is that the Obama victory was a vindication of the 47 percent, which Romney referenced and the group to whom Obama’s election strategy centered. If you were single who favored government programs to pay for abortions and cover contraceptives, you voted for Obama. If you were Hispanic, you voted for Obama to take advantage of liberal policies. If you were gay, you voted for Obama. If you were a union member, you voted for Obama. If you were black you voted for Obama. All of these groups did not vote on economic concerns, but from self-interest. Obama’s strategy to raise fears among these groups worked, and they voted regardless of economic issues, government deficits, entitlement issues and burgeoning government control and growth. And the failings of Obama were shielded by the liberal press.

    You claim Obama is leading us in the right direction despite the prevailing view of voters who think otherwise. The problem with economics is that it involves concepts which are hard to explain to voters. It is much easier for Democrats to run on generalized concepts such as class warfare rhetoric, tax the rich more, don’t address Medicare issues because that might adversely impact the elderly, regulate the big bad banks and companies. I guess it will take a more significant recession to wake people up. Today’s reaction in the stock market of a large sell-off reflects investors’ lack of confidence in Obama and the expected impact his re-election has on future company earnings. Declining stock prices will adversely impact 401K balances and interestingly enough, the irony is it will involve many of those who voted for Obama.


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