• Bill and Lou deserve compassion
    November 09,2012
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    I feel compelled to write again to plead for mercy and compassion to save Bill and Lou, the loyal oxen who worked at Green Mountain College. They deserve it, they are the college’s mascots, not raised for consumption, and have earned their grace of retirement at VINE. Why is there so much resistance? I am reading so much defense of an ideal, not for letting these oxen be taken care of by the compassionate folks at VINE. The words slaughterhouse and compassion do not belong in the same sentence.

    A person can support farming and saving these oxen at the same time. It is these two oxen I care about. The cavalier attitude expressed about their special lives, situation and fate expressed by the college has offended so many of us around the world and here in Vermont.

    And may I address one more thing addressed in today’s letter to the editor page. There is a substantial prejudice even today about non-Vermonters (not “real” Vermonters.) This bias has no place in today’s society. Vermont has many gifts and qualities unique to the state. But this is not one of them.

    We are all so easily connected around the world now. Thus, what is happening in Vermont can legitimately concern the world. The letter is headed “Bill and Lou not our business.” I don’t think that mindset would have worked when it came to the help from the outside world when Irene hit Vermont so hard, so do not condemn non-Vermont opinions and concerns so glibly.


    Bellows Falls
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