• Heartbreaking election loss
    November 09,2012
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    Jim Eckhardt is in my thoughts on this unhappy day. I donít know what the right thing is to say to someone who has lost their bid for re-election, if there is a right thing to say, but I will try. To see what has been done to this wonderful person and one of the best candidates to ever throw his hat in the ring, is heartbreaking. But what is really criminal is the way in which it all took place. I wish it could all be made right, but unfortunately that is not to be now. I would like to think there is some greater reason for all of this, but I donít know what that reason is at this point in time, but it is the only way I can cope with Jimís loss to the House.

    I would like to thank Jim for all he has done for the state of Vermont in such a short period of time. For his tireless and endless work, dedication, loyalty and for being his own person and standing up for what he believes in, no matter what the price. This is what I shall choose to remember today about Jim Eckhardt and yesterdayís election now, not the lies and small-mindedness of some people in his districts. How little they know about Jim, the person, and what a great disservice this is to everyone involved. Hopefully time will tell another story, and I hope I can be there to see that happen. Jim, you will be back.


    North Clarendon
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