• One more plea to save Bill and Lou
    November 05,2012
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    I understand that a decision has been made by Green Mountain College to put Bill and Lou, the oxen ďdownĒ despite the outpouring in support of allowing them to live out their lives at the farm that agreed to take them. I donít know if anyone will actually read this email but I couldnít live with myself if I didnít at least plead with you one more time to reconsider.

    The only argument I can make is that life is precious, no matter whose life it is. If we donít have to kill then perhaps we shouldnít. If you canít find a way to let the oxen live out their lives then I hope you would at least escort them to the slaughterhouse and remain with them during their execution and see if you can still live with yourself after they are slaughtered.

    Itís easy to sign for the order but unless you witness the act you are signing for then youíll never know if you made a decision that wasnít just in your best interest.

    If you canít agree to do that, please just scratch them lovingly between their eyes and tell them for me, ďIím sorry. I tried.Ē


    New Paltz, N.Y.
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