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    November 03,2012
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    Once again my friend, Rep Jim Masland, D-Thetford, has a problem closing the loop. He states that Beth Pearce is a candidate for re-election to the state treasurer’s office. Jim, she was appointed two years ago, this is her first election, so how can it be re-election? One more example of having it both ways.

    Also, Rep Masland in an indirect way chastises Pearce’s opponent, implying she is looking for higher office. Jim, I remember you being a selectman in Thetford, before being elected to the Vermont House; was that a stepping stone, or something else?

    We are concerned right now, today, about the finances and well-being of the state of Vermont. Wendy Wilton has a track record in Rutland City that cannot be disputed; this is a matter of public record. To not recognize this, and support someone who had basically a clean plate handed to them upon taking office is a judgment that begs the question: Why?

    Wendy Wilton is capable of being the guardian of Vermont’s financial world, is a champion of transparency, which is so sorely needed in any aspect of government, in particular, Vermont state finances.

    Wendy Wilton should be elected as the Vermont state treasurer on Nov. 6.


    Center Rutland
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