• Racial bias hampers Obama
    November 03,2012
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    Let me ask you a simple question. If Barack Obama were white and with an Anglo-Saxon sounding name, but had the same policies, do you think that old white men would still abhor him? I sit and listen sometimes to old white men talk about him with fear, with dread, with hate. They want something they once had but do not have anymore — a white plurality. I am ashamed of my fellow baby boomers who carry a racist chip on their shoulder but don’t realize it. It isn’t just about liberalism and fear of “the government takeover” (I hate that stupid term). It’s about a black guy doing this. You don’t believe me? Check this out which is a recent quote from Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham (on the future of the Republican Party) and I quote: “We are not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.”

    The funny thing about this is, if Romney wins, the corporate heads and the heavy investors will start infusing money into our economy (they could be doing it now — but hate Obama), the stock market will rise and people will start feeling good again for a while anyway. That “while” won’t last forever because there will be more looming wars (see who Romney’s neo-con advisers are), more trickle down economic silliness, less regulation and thus another Republican-sponsored bust to the economy (a la George Bush). Then, out of desperation and a need for “change and hope” we will elect a Democrat to try to clean it all up for the next four to eight years. That Democrat will have a better chance if he or she is not black or unless by that time, those old white men are dead. I better watch out what I wish for.


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