• Carr a good choice for House
    November 01,2012
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    Keeping all politics aside, I believe it is important for me to express my support for Steve Carr on his desire to represent Brandon, Pittsford and Sudbury in Montpelier.

    I have been working closely with Steve since almost the creation of the café, after he took over the management of our books. He immediately restructured the financial systems and made it less stressful and more efficient to administrate.

    Steve’s creative problem-solving and his ability to manage an issue with efficiency never cease to amaze me. I said it many times, he is a genius, and we should take advantage of his willingness to contribute his wealth of knowledge to the service of our community.

    Steve played an important role in our recent growth. He looked after our interests in a safe but assertive way and the fact that we were able to purchase our building is in part due to his tenacity and his profound understanding of the financial world.

    Putting Steve Carr in the House would not be a risk, it would be a good investment that everyone would benefit from.


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