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    November 01,2012
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    On Oct. 30 Jeff Taylor made some observations about me and my record.

    He called me “unique”. I thank him for that.

    However, his information is flawed and incomplete. I will finish what he omitted.

    I voted no to requiring schools to use safe nontoxic cleaning products to protect our children and custodians.

    Mr. Taylor, why is this legislation so narrow and protects only a certain demographic? Are our workers and employees throughout Vermont not just as deserving of this protection. My vote was for a bill that would protect all people.

    I voted against a bill requiring health insurers to disclose information about denied claims and the amount spent for lobbying, advertising and compensation. If the section of this bill forcing people to disclose their compensation was omitted, I would have voted for it. I do not believe what you earn or what anyone earns is any of my business. Salaries are personal/private information.

    Issue three brought forth was that I voted against 77.5 megawatts of clean energy. This was a part of the governor’s energy bill. A deal breaker in the energy bill is giving industrial wind “special incentives and considerations” and subsidies and pushing them through without proper vetting.

    I could not vote for a bill that would destroy mountains, kill wildlife, ruin views, decrease property values, waste tax money and make people sick. My constituents have been very vocal on industrial wind. Even the town you live in is pushing for a two- to three-year moritorium.

    I represent the people of five towns. Not a party, not the administration and certainly not an agenda. By representing the people, I have crossed all party lines and worked with and against the members of all the parties represented in Montpelier. This is what makes me unique.


    West Rutland
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