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    November 01,2012
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    The voters of Vermont have the opportunity to elect (not appoint) a new treasurer on Nov. 6. Wendy has worked very hard as the treasurer for the city of Rutland in cooperation with other city officials to correct many of the financial problems facing their city. Wendy Wilton has a knowledge of finance and as your new state treasurer will provide us with transparency, affordability, and integrity that we deserve and should expect.

    The present treasurer was appointed by Jeb Spaulding and Peter Shumlin, and the voters had no say in that decision. Needless to say, Beth Pearce has not provided the transparency and integrity that Vermonters deserve. Where was Beth when Gov. Shumlin assured the Legislature during the budget process and the residents of Vermont that we were going to receive $88 million from FEMA to restore the Waterbury Complex which at that time had about 1,400 employees working there. When the truth surfaced, we had received no assurance that we would get one dime.

    Wendy Wilton will stand up to the challenge to do what is right and needs to be done to provide transparency and integrity in regard to the financial matters of our state. We will be able to say we are proud Wendy Wilton is our state treasurer because she will not be directed by Gov. Shumlin or Jeb Spaulding.


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