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    November 01,2012
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    Next week we get to vote for candidates for state and federal offices. Included among the positions being filled is our state treasurer. While there are two candidates running, in my mind there is only one choice, Wendy Wilton. Iíve known Wendy for over 15 years and know her character, her motivations and her willingness to work hard to make things right. Like our former Gov. Douglas, who endorses Wendy, I canít think of anyone better than Wendy Wilton for the job of state treasurer. My endorsement is based on my personal knowledge, as well as her service as state senator and her exemplary work as the city of Rutland treasurer.

    While it may seem obscure, the state treasurerís office is important. Wendy will provide the strong and independent leadership we need to keep checks and balances in place. She will make government more accountable, and she will provide open and clear communication to lawmakers and the citizens of Vermont.

    Wendy Wilton is a native Vermonter who has invested her time and energy to our benefit. Please vote to elect Wendy our next state treasurer.


    Manchester Center
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