• The high cost of chloramine
    November 01,2012
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    The EPA says that chloramine is OK for your consumption. Eleven years ago the EPA told “first responders” that the dust at the World Trade Center was OK for their health. Over a thousand of those civic heroes are now dead from cancers and other illnesses.

    Environment Canada, EPA’s equivalent in Canada, has determined that chloramine is a toxic substance.

    Chloramine addresses certain known DBP’s (disinfectant by-products). Chloramine creates different unknown DBPs that result from a particular water source.

    New EPA regulations need to be in effect by next year; as new DBPs will be formed with chloramine in the water another set of regulations is likely to result. Who knows, two, three, four years down the road and other “safe” chemicals will have to be used to address these newer once unknown formulations.

    A yes vote on the water bond issue ensures clean and safe water coming through granulated activated carbon.

    A no vote on the water bond issue means that more “safe” chemicals are entering your body with chloraminated water. It means you may be one of those people who are susceptible. You may need to purchase bottled water for drinking, washing your face and dishes, brushing your teeth. You may need to take showers in another water district. You may need to buy a water filtration system for your home or rental property. Your plumbing gaskets may turn into soft licorice. You may have health effects, that is, doctor bills.

    Saving money by voting for chloramine will result in unknown consequences to your pocketbook and may affect the health of your child, wife, husband or parent. Is that OK with you?


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