• Russell serves Rutland well
    October 31,2012
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    If you live in Ward 3 of Rutland City you must recognize what great representation we have to the state in the form of Rep. Herb Russell. Not only has he accomplished a great deal while he has been serving us, but he also sends out the occasional correspondence informing his constituents of his progress, attempts, and setbacks.

    He introduced a bill that will act as a tool for police statewide to fight against the increase in copper thefts. He has been instrumental in getting the Dorr Drive and River Street bridges back to the top of the list of statewide bridge projects after they had all but fallen off the lists. He worked closely with VTrans to assure that those bridges will be rebuilt over the next three years. Most importantly, he can frequently be found at City Hall during Board of Aldermen and committee meetings keeping abreast of the issues facing the city and inquiring about how he can best assist on the state level.

    I encourage you all to keep one of our best public servants in office by voting for him on Nov. 6.



    Board of Aldermen)

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