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    October 30,2012
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    Beth Pearce, both a mother and grandmother, has been an exceptional treasurer for the state of Vermont since being appointed by Gov. Shumlin two years ago to fill Jeb Spaulding’s seat when he became the governor’s secretary of administration.

    Beth served as deputy treasurer under Jeb, who has highly praised her work, calling her the best state treasurer in memory. She is bipartisan in her politics and simply looks at the reality of whether the funds are there or not. She is not afraid to make tough decisions to help continue the state of Vermont’s excellent financial ratings.

    Having met Beth and heard her campaign positions, I am impressed with her financial credentials, intelligence, and experience. However, the quality that most stands out is her dignity and ability to get along with her state colleagues, legislators and the governor.

    Some have observed that Wendy Wilton, Beth’s opponent, was not a team player or easy to get along with while in the state Senate. Having myself served as a Rutland County state senator, I recognize the importance of working collaboratively with both parties. While in office, I experienced the willingness of most legislators to listen to one another, to create helpful legislation for Vermonters from all economic backgrounds. How much more important is it for our Vermont state treasurer to listen and get along with the state’s leaders, so that we won’t have gridlock at the state level?

    It is disheartening to see the negative and inaccurate quality of Beth Pearce’s opponent’s TV ads. I ask, what is Wendy Wilton’s source of information? Earlier in the campaign, I recall reading that she wasn’t going to spend a lot of money on her campaign. But now we know that she personally doesn’t have to do much fundraising because of the huge amount coming into her campaign from ultra-conservative PAC funding. Is this really the Vermont way?

    Please join me in voting for a credible and experienced state treasurer, Beth Pearce, a woman who listens. She has the proven financial credentials and background to serve Vermonters well.


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