• Town board playing with our money
    October 29,2012
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    How swiftly things can change from March to November. In March we had an election in which fiscal responsibility was the main theme and also a watchword of my campaign for selectman. With a slim victory by my opponent, one would think that some balance would occur in the governance of the Town of Rutland.

    Rather than balance, we are now faced with two of the most irresponsible proposals I have ever seen in my 42 years as a member of this community. It appears that our Select Board, which continually purports to be fiscally conservative, has lost its senses when it comes to the taxpayers’ dollars.

    Our Fire Department outright lied to us in March when they tried to “sell” the “renovations” (first it was a leaking roof) and we now find out that all along they had planned a monstrous capital proposal, $2.7 million, for an entirely new station in the least populated section of our town. Maybe it was built for the ’50s, but it was also built for the population distribution of the ’50s. This proposal may be a “want” but it certainly is not a “need,” nor is the excessive cost burden on our taxpayers necessary at this time.

    To make matters even worse, our board, which seems to have lost its financial senses, also asks that you pay a quarter of a million dollars to meddle into the Flory family’s personal business, with a very tenuous legal right to do so in the first place. If any laws have been broken, then litigate to enforce them. However, it is both irresponsible, both fiscally and morally, to meddle in this issue and ask taxpayers to join in this folly. Our board, in both cases, is not treating these funds as if they were their own scarce resources — they are just asking to “play around” with lots of your money.

    Is this really the kind of “tax savings” that was promised our citizens with the proceeds of the 1 percent sales tax? When we voted for “business as usual,” I guess that is exactly what we got.


    Rutland Town
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