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    October 29,2012
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    I recently visited the Sheffield Wind Farm to gain a better understanding of how wind fits into our energy future. As a college student, I have learned a lot of upsetting facts about our planet and the direction we are headed. But there is one thing that is not stressed enough: we, as a community, are at a crucial point in our energy future. Our reliance on fossil fuels has left us with unpredictable weather, high gas prices, and a slowly diminishing ecosystem.

    But there is a solution: if we invest in renewable energy like solar, wind, and geothermal now, we can reduce our impact. Vermont must take control of our energy future.

    Vermont as a community is doing a fantastic job investing in household solar panels, solar hot water, and wood pellet stoves. But this is not enough energy to power the amount of electricity we need. If we want to avoid further weather catastrophes like we saw with Hurricane Irene, we need larger scale projects along with our community scale efforts.

    Wind power, as one of the most benign sources of renewable energy, needs to be a part of our energy picture. We need to be a part of the solution, and do our part now.


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