• Do not vote Republican
    October 25,2012
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    Do not vote Republican.

    Let me stipulate that not all Republicans are greedy con men, and that not all Democrats are saints. But we citizens should remember some things when we go to the polls.

    Remember that Republicans in the Bush administration got us into two wars while cutting taxes, thus blowing up the deficit. For some in the GOP, deficit spending is a deliberate strategy to allow them to argue that we can’t afford programs that (to quote the Constitution) “promote the general welfare.”

    Remember that the financial shenanigans that brought on the Great Recession were largely the result of the loose regulations and the failure to regulate on the part of the Republicans in the Bush administration. Giving businesses a tax break when they shipped jobs overseas hasn’t helped.

    Remember that the problems the Obama administration has had generating jobs and passing other needed legislation are a result of Republican obstruction. The Republicans have filibustered almost every Democratic bill in the Senate, so that 60 votes were needed, not just a majority, to pass anything.

    Remember that during recent Republican administrations income has been redistributed upward. Gains in income have flowed to the already affluent while the income of the middle class has stagnated. Republican tax policy and anti-union efforts have caused this situation.

    Remember that every other First World country has a health care system that is cheaper than ours and has better outcomes. Obamacare is a necessary start that may need adjustments, but not repeal.

    Remember that the Republican candidates have expressed views that challenge women’s health, science in general, and even basic arithmetic.


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