• Romney peddling his snake oil
    October 24,2012
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    Thanks for your editorial on the danger to the economy posed by “Romnesia,” President Obama’s right-on term for Mitt Romney’s mercurial position changes on critical issues.

    Romnesia is a natural symptom of a self-declared “Etch-a-Sketch” campaign. The Republicans seem bent on transmitting the disease to the entire country in regard to the evils of the Bush/Cheney administration. It’s no accident that they never utter those two names. But how is it that the Democrats never utter them either? If it’s too great a stretch to reach back 12 years to the Clinton-Bush transition, surely we can remember the shambles Obama inherited from Bush a mere four years ago. Yet Romney is selling the same economic snake-oil, the same war on the environment, on women and on hopes for peace, and there is apparently a 50-50 chance that the country that couldn’t wait to get rid of George Bush will buy it.

    Of course, Obama has disappointed supporters who expected overnight miracles. There was never a chance he could fulfill all his promises, let alone the promises he never made that were nonetheless ascribed to him. He never was a “peace candidate” or the true liberal many voters dreamed of. But in spite of all-out Republican obstructionism, Obama has achieved some progress, particularly on health care and women’s and minority rights. And he has made two good appointments to the Supreme Court, the importance of which cannot be overstated. The progress is too little and too slow to be satisfying, but just consider what a halt and reversal would mean.

    Once elected there’s no doubt Romney would recover from his Romnesia and remember that he declared himself “severely conservative” during his nomination campaign. The result would be precisely the disaster Obama foretold if we should be foolish enough to “return the keys to the guys who drove the car into the ditch.”

    JUDY and


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