• GOP floating on river of cash
    October 24,2012
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    Most Vermonters agree that elected offices should not be bought and sold, especially the money offices, treasurer and auditor. Yet one wealthy Vermonter, Lenore Broughten, has poured over $600,000 into a Republican super PAC this year, especially targeting these offices.

    I support Beth Pearce for treasurer because sheís done a good job and has years of experience working with an outstanding treasurer, Jeb Spaulding. I support Doug Hoffer because heís smart as a whip and has worked in the auditorís office in the past.

    But I also support them because these, of all offices, need to be free of the taint of big money, and the dumbed down politics it buys. Pearceís opponent, Wendy Wilton, has insinuated that the treasurer is less than committed to Vermont because sheís a renter, not a homeowner. Thatís pathetic, but Wiltonís candidacy can survive this stupidity by floating on Broughtenís river of cash.

    If we let it. I think weíd better not. Letís slap down this intrusion of big money politics, before it gets more of a toehold in Vermont. We have excellent candidates in Pearce and Hoffer. Supporting them is a win-win for all of us.


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