• College should let oxen live
    October 23,2012
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    To Paul Fonteyn, president of Green Mountain College:

    As you know, we have been longtime supporters of Green Mountain College and have always viewed it with great fondness. However, the college’s position on needlessly killing two animals who have labored long and hard for your institution has caused us dismay and disappointment.

    These draft oxen were not raised for human consumption like beef cattle. They were workers that made a substantial contribution to the college’s farm program. They were befriended and admired by 11 years worth of Green Mountain College students. For these reasons, they have earned and deserve a special status, instead of being condemned to slaughter.

    The alleged “sustainability” argument as a teaching tool is totally misplaced here. What needs to be taught in this situation is humanity, which should be the overriding consideration. As humans we are judged by how fairly and compassionately we treat lesser species. That is clearly what is called for here.

    After reading and digesting all the publicity concerning this matter, I can only conclude that a reprieve will not be issued out of pure stubbornness, not an admirable human trait.

    In conclusion, I can only point out that the college’s position regarding refusing to let Bill and Lou live in a rescue facility is giving the college a black eye in the community, if not the world. It has certainly caused us now to view the college with disfavor.

    Paul, you are a better man and president than to let these animals die.

    WALT and ANNIE


    Middltown Springs
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