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    October 22,2012
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    When describing Wendy Wiltonís run for Vermont state treasurer, Katherine Barrettís letter to the editor, dated Oct. 18, is simply inaccurate, but she makes a powerful case for why Wendy Wilton should be the next Vermont state treasurer.

    Ms. Barrett denounces Wiltonís thoughtful analyses of the cost of a Vermont state-run and unsustainable single-payer health care system as inappropriate. In other words, Barrettís suggestion is that citizens with alternative and concerned viewpoints, which are supported by facts and data, should sit down and shut up.

    However, Barrett, a retired school librarian, with a partisan opinion, fails to explain how it is that she knows that Wendy Wiltonís opponent has done an admirable job.

    Is Barrett able to deliver a continuously improving performance review of this position? She implies that she has done so. If Barrett is qualified to critique the Vermont state treasurerís position, voters should want to see her performance review notes which led her to her assessment.

    According to Barrett, Jeb Spaulding credits Wendy Wiltonís opponent as the best Vermont treasurer in memory. Ah, ha! The most recent treasurer, besides now, was Jeb Spaulding (2003-2011), meaning, by his own admission, he wasnít very good. Before that, there was a great treasurer, James Douglas (1995-2003).

    Gratifyingly, within the past 30 days, Rutland City Treasurer Wendy Wilton was rewarded by her opponent ďTreasurer of the YearĒ honors at the 76th annual meeting of the Vermont Municipal Clerks and Treasurers Association.

    Hereís why Barrett makes the case for Wendy Wiltonís election. Barrett states that the state treasurerís job description requires them to be level-headed, knowledgeable, skillful, decisive and a compassionate manager.

    Iíll be voting for Wendy Wilton for three reasons. She dares to calculate the costs of legislation and tell those who will take legislative action as to how she sees it. She took Rutland Cityís messy finances and straightened them out. She meets the criteria set forth by Kathy Barrettís job description for Vermont state treasurer and more so than the opponent.


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