• Chance to win chloramine lottery
    October 22,2012
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    If on Nov. 6, we voters in the city choose not to vote yes on the bond item for building a granulated activated carbon filter system at the city reservoir, than we will, by default, be agreeing to add ammonia to the chloride as a disinfectant in our drinking water, thereby creating chloramine.

    Almost everyone, pro or con chloramine, the EPA, Vermont State Health Department and even your so-called city leaders, acknowledge that (a few, small percentage) people in the city will have an adverse reaction to the addition of chloramine in our water.

    Now we will see just how many folks are gamblers in the city of Rutland. I’m so excited because everyone in the city will be automatically entered in the chloramine lottery game. Only some of us can win this lottery, and we really don’t know how many. But we do know that there will be winners. They have the chance to win skin rashes, respiratory problems or gastronomical irregularities and some people may even win the trifecta with all three.

    For those that don’t win on the first round, don’t despair. Sometimes there is a short delay between actually winning and the delivery of your prize, so please be patient, it will get here.

    If you want to increase your chances of winning, it would help if you have some pre-existing health issue or are very young, very old or just lucky.

    The rest of us will just look at you with envy and continue to wonder if maybe next time the powers that be will consider adding a chemical to the water that will enable more of us to win the prize.



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