• Protecting hills for long term
    October 20,2012
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    Who was Castleton Town Manager Charles Jacien talking about when he suggested that “we are for some things just because we are going against something else” (“Mountaintop zoning proposal raises questions,” published in the Oct. 10 issue of the Rutland Herald)? Was he implying that the Castleton Planning Commission and Zoning Board created ridgeline development guidelines and the overlay district just to stop Reunion Power? Does he think Reunion Power would be the only commercial/industrial firm that will attempt developing our ridgelines in the years to come?

    Steve Eisenberg’s aggressive push to construct wind towers on Vermont’s ridgelines did bring the issue of developing Vermont’s ridgelines to everyone’s attention. It was a wake-up call for at least members of four towns surrounding Grandpa’s Knob. Yes, we can thank him for that.

    Although a real thanks goes to our town boards in recognizing the importance of our ridgelines and keeping then free of commercial and industrial development. The boards’ response, in those initial meetings, along with the overwhelming support from citizens throughout Vermont, caused each town to start a process that would protect Vermont’s ridgelines in the future against commercial/industrial development. Once amending the town plan to include preservation of the scenic historic, and natural environment of the ridgelines and other qualities, zoning ordinances were created that would support the towns’ plan to protect the ridgelines from any type of commercial/industrial development that would impact or destroy those qualities.

    The implication of Mr. Jacien’s comment, that people took the time to identify Castleton’s ridgelines and created a process to oversee and manage any proposals to develop them was done to get rid of one commercial /industrial project suggests to me that Mr. Jacien has a naďve and limited understanding of the issue at hand.


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