• Pearce knows her stuff
    October 20,2012
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    Here are five reasons I’m voting for incumbent state Treasurer Beth Pearce:

    1. Vermont’s bond ratings: During her service as our state treasurer, Beth has maintained and been committed to strengthening Vermont’s triple A bond rating with Moody’s and Fitch (the highest rating available to government bond issuers) and Vermont’s AA+ rating with Standard and Poor’s (Beth wants to make that a triple A, too). Vermont’s strong bond ratings give Vermonters access to low interest rates that are good for homeowners, students, and towns.

    2. Taxpayer dollar protection: Beth worked to create the teacher pension reform deal that saves the state $15 million a year and still preserves retirement benefits for teachers. She worked to reform state employees’ contributions to pensions saving the state $5.3 million per year while putting state employee pensions on firm footing for the future. Beth is committed to “win-win” solutions that save taxpayer dollars without sacrificing the things Vermont residents need regarding hard-earned pension benefits.

    3. Irene recovery: Beth worked to get $155 million to towns immediately after the storm so they could begin their recovery process right away. She has a record of working to get things done.

    4. Social consciousness: Beth has a keen environmental awareness. She helped develop the PACE program, which makes it easier for Vermonters to incorporate green energy systems into their homes. She is also committed to public financial awareness. Beth worked to create the Reading is an Investment initiative, which teaches the importance of financial responsibility to kids.

    5. Collaborative nonpartisan approach: Beth’s work in the treasurer’s office is not guided by political ideology. She has worked with numbers and in state treasurers’ offices for 35 years.

    Beth Pearce is by the book when it comes to numbers and saving taxpayers’ money. She knows her stuff. She should continue as Vermont’s state treasurer.


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