• Pearce: quietly competent
    October 18,2012
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    The office of the stateís treasurer is a business office more than anything else. As such, it needs a level-headed, knowledgeable, decisive leader to head it up. Beth Pearce is such a person. She has 35 years of financial experience and familiarity with the workings of Americaís financial institutions. She has done an admirable job running the state treasurerís office since appointed by Gov. Shumlin. Jeb Spaulding, her former boss in the treasurerís office, credits her as the best Vermont treasurer in memory. What Beth isnít is a hard-core politician, so you may not know her or about her track record of knowledgeable, skillful, yet compassionate management of the stateís funds. Beth is one of those quietly competent office holders who gets the job done without turning to inappropriate partisan politics. The treasurer needs to work cooperatively with the other departments, the Legislature, the governor, and financial institutions, no matter what their politics.

    Her opponent, Wendy Wilton, is already fabricating stories about Beth, such as the fictitious house in Massachusetts and the slam at all of Vermont renters as just not credible tax-paying citizens. Mrs. Wilton has also been running ads on TV paid for by an ultra-conservative PAC. The Legislature and governor, with the support of those who elected them, are trying to find a path to affordable health care for all Vermonters. The legislation passed by them calls for investigation and setting up a health care system to benefit all Vermonters, yet Mrs. Wilton came out of the box denouncing the entire concept as unsustainable and ruinous to the state of Vermont. How could she have known what the system which hadnít yet been created would cost taxpayers?

    During the last three months I have heard Beth Pearce speak on several occasions. I have had the opportunity to speak with Beth personally about her role as treasurer of our state finances and witnessed her enthusiasm for her job working with figures. I also find her to be a warm and friendly person. After each such occasion I have become more and more firmly convinced that Beth Pearce is the best candidate for treasurer and should continue to serve the state of Vermont. I am pleased to write this letter on her behalf, and I am excited about her candidacy.


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