• Backing Hoffer for auditor
    October 18,2012
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    I have known and respected both of the leading candidates for state auditor for many years. In this case, however, choosing between the two does not present a challenge for me. My vote will be cast for Doug Hoffer.

    Doug Hoffer has the expertise, drive, credentials, common sense and intellect to fully serve in this critical, public role. He is already well acquainted with the responsibilities of the office and knows full well how to keep close track of the publicís money.

    There are few people who can shoot as straight as Doug Hoffer. The office will not be a steppingstone for him, and it was not a last-minute decision to run. He will bring years of much needed professionalism to the office as he gathers data, digs deep, looks at evidence, presents his analysis and makes recommendations. I trust and respect his ability to be fair. With so much at stake, his will be the kind of eyes we need watching and working for us in Montpelier. Elect Doug Hoffer state auditor on Nov. 6.


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