• Bullies creating highway danger
    October 11,2012
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    I am dismayed at the number of extremely aggressive drivers on Vermont highways who take it a step further in bullying other drivers. Recently, when I turned onto my dirt road off Route 131 in Weathersfield, the driver behind me impatiently nearly drove into the back of my car.

    I had my turn signal on well in advance and also tapped the brake to warn of my turn. When I made the turn this driver sped past me, giving me the finger, headed into oncoming traffic which appeared over the brow of the hill. Something needs to be done about such drivers. They are intimidating, to say the least, and are a danger on the highways, not only to themselves but to other drivers.

    Patience is something they obviously have never learned, or if they did they no longer care about anyone but themselves and their own agenda, giving way to their own “road rage.”


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