• Pearce the best treasurer ever
    October 10,2012
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    I first ran for the state Senate in 1984. It was the start of over 25 years in elected office. If thereís one thing I learned through 14 election cycles, it is that Vermonters expect and reward strong, results-oriented leadership. That is why I write to encourage your support of state Treasurer Beth Pearce.

    Gov. Shumlin often says that Beth is the most competent treasurer Vermont has ever had. I agree. I can go one better though; as a former president of the National Association of State Treasurers, I acknowledge Beth as one of the most competent state treasurers in the country.

    Numbers are Bethís passion. She is a tireless worker who loves finance. Her fingerprints were on almost everything I accomplished when I was state treasurer.

    When we explored means to keep more of the stateís cash in Vermont, Beth created our Bank in Vermont program. As a result, local banks have kept many millions of dollars that would have otherwise left the state.

    She was the brains behind our transportation infrastructure bond program and did the hard work to bring all parties together to pass pension reform that significantly lowered taxpayer costs while maintaining quality retirement plans for our public employees.

    Leading up to the recession, Beth foresaw dangers in the financial markets and advocated we move our investments to safer havens. This limited our losses and saved taxpayer dollars.

    She has protected and improved Vermontís bond rating, securing its spot as the best in New England. This gives Vermonters, nonprofits, and businesses the financial tools to succeed.

    Unfortunately, because Beth has never run for office, she is one of Vermontís best-kept secrets. Thatís why the right wing of the Republican Party is targeting this race. Their super PAC money is buying TV ads for Bethís opponent. We cannot allow them to buy the treasurerís office. There is too much at stake.

    The state treasurer should be selected based on merit, not politics. Beth Pearce is the candidate of merit. She excels at building partnerships. She enjoys tri-partisan support. Members of the labor and business communities stand by her side. Their support echoes the governorís; Beth is the most qualified treasurer Vermont has ever had.

    On Nov. 6, vote for the candidate of results. Vote Beth Pearce for state treasurer.


    (Secretary of administration)

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